In review: Not so helpful home improvement shows.

Like most men in America, I spend my Sundays glued to the TV watching my games–screaming at the bad calls, judging the ridiculous decisions and on the whole frustrated by the end results. Of course, by “bad calls” I mean … Read More

On dreams, and dolphins.

A dolphin, likely trying to get in bed with you, as they are wont to do.

So here’s an embarrassing thing I’ve never admitted publicly before: I once had a relationship with a dolphin. Now, in full disclosure, it was in a dream, but it’s still troubling none-the-less and certainly not something I’m proud of. What’s … Read More

Britney Spears, in review.


It was fight weekend in Vegas, and you know what that means: if you time it just right, you can miss the entire thing while locked inside a glittery auditorium in Planet Hollywood, screaming your lungs out at a Britney … Read More

Poop, viruses, etc: stories from the front line of my toilet

AIDS virus particle

With more and more stories out about viruses and bacterium (poop’s overachieving cousins, who for reasons unclear to me, are more socially acceptable to talk about) I’d like to do my part to fan the larger feces family’s flames, so to speak, as part of a multi-pronged effort to spread the fascination with poop. And what better way to do that than through a series of vignettes…on viruses, bacteria, and feces: … Read More

It takes a village: Soulcycle review


One of the things I’ve learned in my twenties is that, when it comes to personal upkeep, it takes a village…medical professionals, trainers, gyms, personal care services, the list goes on (cautionary note: don’t ask me about any of them, … Read More

You don’t make the decision [about what type of person you become]. Your character determines what’s going to happen to you. -Doris Lessing

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